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Wildseed Crowdfunding CAN't STOP IT Regular Comps


I am a writer and keen fan of horror and black humour. I love short films…the funnier/darker the better and am happy to help promote crowd-funded projects if a link to the donations page is provided. I do try to update that part of the site as often as possible, but I have this really annoying thing called a ‘life’, which gets in the way rather a lot.

I work with writers, directors and producers of sketch material, which is a lot of fun! A group of young actors/musicians I am involved with at present are keen to get a website up and running to showcase their own work and to help showcase the work of other talented people.  I am waiting for their permission to link one of the tabs above to their site, but they are very busy so I shall just direct you to Happy Clappy Comedy’s Twitter account for now (see right). Please note, there is no religious theme to the group. Apparently, the name was chosen because somebody’s granddad used to clap his hands when he danced at family parties and it was very funny. Great reason, I’d say!

I am always interested in how others help new talent and although many may profess to offer you instant fame and fortune, their commitment very often only extends as far as a bunch of credits for themselves.  However, Wildseed Studios are different.  They offer you the chance to find fame and fortune for yourselves…with a little help from them.  They are branching out into a variety of genres, so I’m very sure there’ll be something for you. Click on the ‘Wildseed’ tab to find out what they can  do for you.

Also, the creator of Voice Box Live is keen to bring to life his new website, where all types of creatives can schedule live performances to showcase their work. Whether it be writing, music, art, dance, comedy or anything else you are eager to show off to the world, Voice Box Live could help you promote yourself. However, I have been informed there are some teething problems with the streaming aspect of the site, so we’ll have to wait for more news on this one.